The Amazing Magnetic Floating Globe


The Floating Globe is the perfect novelty item


Product Description

Magnetic Floating Globe

No, it’s not an optical illusion- the globe is really levitating! The Floating Globe is the perfect novelty item for anyone with a curiosity streak. Fits perfectly in any office, home, or classroom setting! The globe uses magnets, not air, to levitate, and therefore you can pass your hands above, below, and around it, and leave everyone amazed that the globe is “magically” still afloat!
Even better, the globe can be substituted with any suitable metallic object, and the electromagnetic in the base will suspend it in midair!


  • A Great item for Decoration, Party Supply item or a gift for a friend
  • Beautiful black & chrome base
  • Silent operation

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Power supply : AC adapter with input 120~240V & output 12V
  • The floating distance from base to globe is about 5~8mm
  • The globe diameter is 4 inches

Notes from Manufacturers
This item contains powerful magnets- keep way from all magnetic storage mediums such as
– floppy disk, magnetic/optical storage mediums
– audio and video cassettes, computer hard drives etc.
Magnetic fields can delete or damage these storage mediums

Package List

1x base
1x globe
1x power supply
1x instruction manual


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