Super Cool Shocking Liar Lie Detector – Powered by Batteries



Product Description

Honesty is the best character. If you are not honest, you will be in for a shock in this super cool shocking lie detector. When you place your hand on the top plate of this unit and answer the questions from your friends, the lie would give a powerful electric shock. But it is powered by 3 AAA battery, so you do not need to worry it will really hurt you.

This lie detector is a very cool recreational machine. You can play it with parents, friends, colleagues, and of course, your lovers. For each one, he/she must think twice before giving the answers. As the unit also has data storage function, the possibility you are punished will be bigger and bigger as the data is accumulated. Please be careful, the wonderful game begins!

1. First of all, put your right hand on the finger slot, make sure to direct contact to the finger sensor, tied hand by belt.
2. Press the Reset button, keep your fingers still, pls do not move. Then press the “Analyser” button, the machine will read your data. Lie detector light will subsequently start, you will hear the machine “data read complete” sound. At this moment, your data has been input to lie detector, you can ask the questions.
3. remember: After each question you must click “Analyser” button. Lie detector will measure you lie or not, and the lie level. If you lie, the LED indicator will show the extent of lying. There’re total of five light, 3 green, 2 red. They will follow the test and turn on, you lie greater the light are on more. If you lie or give an unacceptable answer, or distorted the facts, then all the lights will turn on, then you will be punished by electric shock

Super Cool Shocking Liar Lie Detector
Funny and creative gadget
Suitable for kids(over 14 years old)and parents, friends,colleagues and lovers.

Manufacturer specifications:
Color: Silver
Suitable for ages 14 years and up
Powered by 3 x “AA” batteries
Dimension: D 6.3″ x H 3.5″ inches

Package list:
1 x Super Cool Shocking Liar Lie Detector – Powered by Batteries
1 x User Manual in English


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