60 v Electric Bike


The coolest way to get around


Product Description

This is a cool way to get around

Harley Style Electric Bike W/Oversize tyres. No driveing license needed or insurance. This is possibly the best transportation you can get!!!!

For the ultimate in power and performance in a sit and stand electric scooter, try this 1000 Watt Hub Motor 4800 RPM 48v Electric Scooter With 60v 12ah with Lithium Battery.

This is an electric scooter that adults won’t feel embarrassed to ride.

It looks like something taken straight from the playground and put through an enlarger. This is a big-wheeled electric assist scooter that has been dubbed a “modern lifestyle city scooter”.

This scooter has the configuration of an old-school kick scooter, except scaled up to an adult size and featuring big fat tyres that are said to enable a ride akin to surfing or snowboarding. The scooter isn’t a “step aboard and hit the throttle” type of transportation option, but instead it assists the rider’s efforts with an impulse drive.

Goes between 35 to 45 miles on one charge and takes about 7 hours to charge. Up to 30mph



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